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What are Rich Results?

Digilari Media explains the definition of rich result

Google rich snippets (or rich results) are enhanced search results that produce more details about a website than the average link. By implementing structured data in the back end of web pages extra information from your website is displayed on your site’s listing in the search results. “Rich” media can include images, ratings, video, products, locations, and more.

Immediate Benefits of Structured Data Implementation

  • Increased visibility in SERPs
  • Differentiates your business over your competition using the same search queries.
  • The visually eye-catching, that helps your brand stand out
  • Better click-through-rate (CTR), which equates to improved organic search traffic.
  • Increased organic revenue
  • Reduce site bounce rates because users can discern what your page is about before clicking
  • It boosts domain authority by providing high-quality search data that makes a better user experience
Digilari shows an example of structured data implementation

How to create rich snippets


Identify which details you want Google to focus on, for example, Video, Product, Social Media, Knowledge Graph Logo

  1. Implement Plugin on CMS
  2. Create JSON-LD  for your webpage using your selected data type
  3. Tag your content
  4. Test for errors using Structured Data Testing Tool
  5. Fix errors
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