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I do everything SEO & CRO related to improve our client website rankings so they can reach more qualified leads and grow their businesses.

Hui-Sheng Yang

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What I Do

Keyword Research

It’s the foundation of all SEO work. It helps me to find the prospecting keywords for the whole website and pages.

Backlink Building

One of the top 3 ranking factors. The quality and relevancy of backlinks tell Google if your page/website is trustworthy.

Schema Markup

Structure data of your page. You can understand this as a resume of your page for Google bots to understand the purpose of your page more easily.

SEO Technical Audit

Fix the issues of the website that have negative impacts on your ranking performance

On-page Content Optimisation

Google or the other search engines are all about how to give the users the most relevant information they are looking for. Hence, how to optimise your content to match the searcher’s intent is highly important in my job.

Lady Gaga is my one and only religion.

Hui-Sheng Yang

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Based on the keyword research, we suggested the client add the sub-service pages that are relevant to the industry. With this strategy, the client website started gaining much better ranking performance and qualified leads. From the latest data, their homepage is even ranking in the top 10 for the target keyword with over 10k monthly search volume.

What has been the highlight of working at Digilari?

It’s easy to achieve a working-life balance at Digilari as we don’t have to work on Wednesday. Instead, we work two hours more per the other workdays. The working form at Digilari is also very flexible. As a full timer, I used to work at the office 3 times a week and remotely for one day. But if you have any emergency coming through, it would be totally cool to just work from home sometimes. Lastly, I really enjoy the Cultulari events, where the team get to hang around, have nice food and have some fun time during our off-work times quarterly or semi-annually.

Why did you apply for a role with Digilari? What attracted you to working with our team?

I joined Digilari as an intern and was almost immediately in love with the diversity of the team. We got people from different backgrounds and due to the pirate spirit in our company culture, we get the chance to communicate and express our opinions freely. The company structure is pretty flat so you find it easy to communicate with the business owner about the direction of the company. Most but not last, I like the idea that you can take 2 days of annual leave and get a 5-days holiday (cuz we don’t work on Wednesday!).

Who inspires you?

Lady Gaga. She will always be my biggest inspiration as she always promotes kindness and treats everyone equally regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, and religion. My other inspiration would be Steve Jobs, the best marketer in history. He introduced several technologies to the world that changed society ever since. Moreover, the passion he showed in the presentation of the new products really makes you believe this man’s put everything he got into the products.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into marketing?

Just be open-minded and eager for learning as there is new information emerging every day in this industry. Also, it is great to figure out what you are really interested in this field. Even just for digital marketing, it has so much to digest and master including SEO, PPC, SMM, etc. Take some time to find the one you are passionate about.

Do you have any advice for small to medium businesses who are just getting started in their marketing journey?

Build a website. I understand that now a lot of small businesses gain new customers from social media, but do realise that it’s really hard to increase brand awareness just by posting organic content. With a website and proper optimisation, you can gain long-term results without investing in ads constantly. A website is the foundation of most of the digital marketing strategies.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Pop culture, technology, and social issues. I read news about all these above all the time. I always wanna be updated about these topics which are so interestingly evolving alongside human history (omg who am I, a philosopher?)
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