Transparency is at the core of our values. Discover our straightforward pricing model, where every detail is laid out for you. No hidden fees or surprises—just clear and competitive pricing.

Our Packages

From a fresh start to a full package, Digilari offers various pricing options to suit YOUR budget, YOUR needs, and YOUR goals. 

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A-La-Carte Menu

Custom Pricing

Ideal for:

Starts at $ 1,980

+ Onboarding Setup

Customise your plan based on your budget and business needs

Most Popular

Digital Partner Program (DPP)

Hourly Management Fee *

Ideal for:

$ 1,800 - $ 4,900+

GST / month

Minimum of 10 hours per month *


Value-Based Account Management Program

With Guaranteed Results *

Ideal for:

From $ 4,900+

GST / month

If you have any questions about our packages or would like to discuss your specific requirements, contact us

Package Comparison

Compare our three pricing packages to determine which one aligns best with your goals and requirements. Evaluate the ideal target audience, fee structure, time restrictions, additional fees, and the benefits offered by each package.


Custom Pricing

Digital Partner Program (DPP)

Value-Based Account Management Program with Guaranteed Results

Ideal for

One-off projects or clients who want to focus on singular marketing channels

Businesses seeking overall improvements across their entire Digital Marketing Footorint

Businesses with specific targets to achieve through their digital marketing efforts

Fee structure

Individual fees for each marketing channel Fixed monthly retainer fee element, paid by hours

Fixed monthly retainer fee

Fixed monthly retainer fee

Time restrictions

Depend on the selected services

Time-limited monthly package


Additional fees

Extra fees for services or emergencies not included in the original agreement

Additional fees for extra agreed-upon services beyond the allotted time

Only if different KPIs from the ones agreed-upon are requested


Tailored for limited budgets

Access to all digital marketing channels

Access to all digital marketing channels, complete Digital Results Guarantee on agreed-upon KPIs

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At Digilari, we stand on the shoulders of our client's success.

We make a point to only offer our clients the services they need, and nothing more.

Unlike other agencies’ constraining contracts and restraining clients’ growth potential by limiting them to a fixed service agreement, Digilari understands and appreciates the specific and ever-evolving needs of each client.

Hence, Digilari came up with an ‘A la Carte‘ menu where clients can pick & choose what exact services and tasks they wish for Digilari to perform to best support them and fill their digital marketing channels’ gaps.

Our ‘A La Carte’ Menu

Our Service Calculator

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* The Onboarding Set-Up fees may vary depending on your needs and the website's complexity

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