What is SEO Migration and why does it matter?

SEO Migration is the process of moving a website from one domain to another, or from one platform to another while preserving its search engine rankings and traffic.

This is important because it allows businesses to make changes to their websites without losing their place in search engine results pages, and thus losing potential customers.

SEO Migration can be a complex process, so it is important to work with an experienced team who can ensure that your website’s rankings and traffic are not adversely affected.

Reasons for SEO Migration

Benefit of SEO Migration

  • Continued ranking in search engines
  • Better visibility and click -through rates
  • Increased traffic and leads
  • Improved brand awareness and credibility
  • Lower costs of marketing and advertising

Downsides Without SEO Migration

  • Loss of ranking in search engines
  • Poor visibility and click-through rates
  • Decreased traffic and leads
  • Damaged brand awareness and credibility
  • Higher costs of marketing and advertising

SEO Migration Steps


  • Analyse your website data, examine your target audiences and their intent and leverage this data to inform our recommendations.
  • Review user experience (UX) (menu navigation, sitemap, pages' taxonomy, etc.) an drop-off points to identify opportunities for business growth.
  • Perform a competitor analysis.

Map Out Redirects

  • Set up URL redirects.
  • Update Google Analytics and Google Console property settings to reflect your new domain name.
  • Update any external links pointing to your website (other website social media profiles, etc.) to ensure domain consistency.


After all these preparations the website are ready to launch. We will be closely monitoring the process if anything does not go as planned.

Post-Launch: Monitor & Audit

  • Audit the backlink profile to ensure consistency
  • Monitor the organic traffic to see whether there's more optimisations needed.
  • Audit the Google Search Console site health to resolve any remaining errors.

How We Kick Off

Current Client

We are familiar with your website and where strengths and weaknesses exist in your online business. Armed with this knowledge we will help guide the website developer with a content migration plan to ensure that every important feature, content, CTA, and integration are present on your new site.

New Client

We will start by turning the focus inward. We will analyse your website data, examining your target audiences and their intents and leveraging this data to inform our recommendations. We also review the user experience (UX) (menu navigation, sitemap, pages’ taxonomy, etc.) and drop-off points so we can identify opportunities for business growth. We then look outward, assessing the industry you operate in, the market you sell to and the competitors you, directly and indirectly, compete with.

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Benefits Our SEO Migration Service Offers


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