Clients Discussing SEO Website Migration Services With Digilari Media Team

Reasons for a Website Migration

Digilari has managed multiple website migrations throughout the years, building a set of fool-proof sophisticated strategies that protect keyword rankings and site visitation.

SEO MIGRATION: Why it matters

It might surprise you but, involving your digital marketing agency is your first step towards a successful SEO migration.

Digilari has had many businesses come to us due to a considerable loss in keyword ranking and business traffic following a website migration.

In fact, website migrations are complex in nature and having a good SEO migration strategy and SEO migration checklist will help preserve the good work put into the old website after the new is sent live.

Clients Discussing SEO Website Migration Services With Digilari Media Team
SEO Consultant Preparing SEO Strategies For Website Redesign and Migration

The Pre & Post Migration Steps

SEO migrations represent a 2-steps process: the Pre-Migration Steps and the Post-Migration Steps.

Having gone through numerous client migrations, Digilari works hand in hand with all stakeholders (technical migration provider, client, etc.) so high, mid and low-value changes are managed appropriately.

The Pre-Migration Stage

Digilari kicks off the SEO migration project by auditing the current site, sitemap and performance to create a benchmark for the new site. Our SEO specialist, account manager and developer help guide the creation of the staging site, throughout its development, so expectations are transparent for your new site.

If you are a current Digilari client

We are familiar with your website and where strengths and weaknesses exist in your online business. Armed with this knowledge we will help guide the website developer with a content migration plan to ensure that every important feature, content, CTA, and integration are present on your new site.

If you are a new Digilari client

We will start by turning the focus inward. We will analyse your website data, examining your target audiences and their intents and leveraging this data to inform our recommendations. We also review the user experience (UX) (menu navigation, sitemap, pages’ taxonomy, etc.) and drop-off points so we can identify opportunities for business growth. We then look outward, assessing the industry you operate in, the market you sell to and the competitors you, directly and indirectly, compete with.

From all this internal and external auditing; the Digilari team will build strong benchmarks and guidelines to meet your expectations and retain SEO benefits from the old site so that your online performance will improve from the migration, and not be hindered.

Digilari Team Providing Website Migration SEO Service in Our Brisbane Office

The Post Migration Stage

Once the migration has happened and the new site is live, the most important stage of the migration is only beginning.

This is when Digilari takes the wheel from the website developer and quickly acts to support the recognition of the brand new website by Google and other search engines.

Client Checking How To Migrate Website Without Losing SEO On Mobile Device

SEO Post-Migration tasks include:​

A month after the migration, is it also best practice to review the performance against the benchmarks decided in the past stage. Further optimisations might arise from this review following a UX, drop-off and conversion investigation. Digilari will also monitor pre and post keyword rankings, site health, site visitation, etc.

Peace of Mind


Benefits Our SEO Migration Service Offers

Full Transparency

Benefits Our SEO Migration Service Offers

Expectation Management

No Oversight

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