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SME's if you are not being DIFFERENT, you're just being like everyone else!

Digilari’s Chameleon Symbol For Being Different And Standing Out From Competitors

The importance of Being Different

If you are an SME business and you are struggling to get growth, it could be because you are just the same as all your competitors. You have no point of difference. You are just not standing out!

Doing things differently is massively important if you want the edge on your competitors to get more sales.

No doubt you’ll have competitors that are bigger than you and they can always outspend you in marketing. 

Bigger budgets will only get them so far, whereas smaller ‘different’ focussed marketing budgets will always get more attention. 

Being ‘different’ will give you the advantage, it can take you from being an obscure SME to being a talked-about SME, giving you the industry status you deserve. 

Being ‘different’ will get you noticed, being ‘different’ will get you more leads, being ‘different’ will change the course of your SME business in the most positive of ways.

Let us help you find and market your ‘different’

Adapt Yes. Blend In, Hell No.


Our minds have always been able to accept and largely ignore the ‘normal’ everyday things. Whilst they are part of everyday life, they didn’t warrant much if any, attention.

However, the opposite can be said when something different comes into our scope. In fact, as a matter of early man’s survival, if there was a different sound or a different movement, it immediately got their attention.  They had to pay a lot of attention to something that was different or it could be the last thing they did. 

This is why it is so important to find ways to differentiate your business from all the other businesses out there vying for the same attention

Simply put, if you want to attract new customers you first need to get their attention. You can do this a lot quicker if you get different in your sales and marketing activity.

Appeal to Engage

We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages every day.  The fact you now understand the need to differentiate in your sales & marketing activity is great, but it still has to be appealing to your target audience.

It only takes a second, if that, for a new customer to see and determine whether your marketing is for them. Not only do you have to differentiate to cut through all the clutter, but you also have to appeal to the right customer in order to engage them.   

In other words, being outrageously different could be a turn off if the context of your message doesn’t fit with certain types of business.  For example, if you are a law firm and you choose to promote some cheap gimmicky promo in order to cut-through, isn’t quite the right message to get potential customers to engage, in fact, it could have the opposite effect.

 The key is always looking for ways to differentiate that will appeal to the audience and encourage them to engage with you. 


The often forgotten part of the process is actually stating what you would like your new customer to do.  What action do you want them to take?

Commonly called a ‘call to action’ (CTA),  it is the part of the process that has to be abundantly clear in all your communication.

Whether it is for your prospect to book a free strategy session, to buy your product or even just read more, you have to spell it out.

As not to confuse the recipient we encourage you to only have one key message per piece of communication and be very clear on what action you want them to take next.

However, in saying this you should have multiple CTA’s specifically pointing to this desired action. For example, if you want your prospect to book a strategy session with you it could come through a form fill, an email or even a direct phone call.  The outcome is the same, they get their strategy session, but it could have come through one of the various CTA options offered on the communication piece.

Identify your USP's (Unique Selling Propositions)
Remove bland, boring beige messaging from all your communication.
No marketing puffery. Say something... say it straight
Care not what others in your market are going to say be brave
Be more pirate Look for the unconventional
Be clear & be consistent on your identity
Take advantage of popular trends & ride the coattails of them

Getting Different

Staying Different.

Getting Different!

Staying Different.

The path to getting your SME different!

Step 1: Discovery Call

This is a simple 15-30 minute call to discuss what business goals and objectives you would like to achieve, by when, and with what resources. In this call, we will also go through the steps required to find and market your 'different'. This call is completely free, with absolutely no obligation to move forward if you don't feel it is right for you. If you do like what you hear and you'd like to move forward we would then ask you to commit to us organising a 'Digilari Different' Strategy Workshop at a time convenient for all involved.

Step 2: A Digilari Different Strategy Workshop

In this fun two (2) hour whiteboard strategy workshop we will work with you and your core team to establish your real points of 'different'. Using our set Digilari Different framework, we will work with you to uncover the key opportunities in which you can differentiate from your competitors in a way that will appeal to your target market.

In doing this we will look to uncover where your 'beige' is and where you and your competitors look just the same. We'll also be brutal on any puffery you have in your sales & marketing material, as there is no place for this. Lastly we'll discover what could be possible for your SME if you became more pirate and less navy.

Step 3: Differentiation Recommendations

Following on from the workshop we'll come back to you with our list of recommendations on how we can make your business really stand out from the competition. Along with the list, we'll present the action plan to bring your 'different' to life. From this, you'll be completely armed to implement the plan yourself or alternatively you can agree for Digilari to implement and manage it for you.

Step 4: Implementation

Based on the recommendations and plan outlined in step 3, if you would like us to action these for you, we would then outline a schedule to agree upon and look to embark on a successful partnership over a completely flexible period of time.

Step 5: Review

With all plans, they are constantly in review. Not only will we supply you with detailed monthly reports, covering all the key elements connected with your marketing activity. But we will also supply you with the agreed milestone points and how each step has progressed and how it is tracking. We believe in over-communication, so hopefully, you'll never have to ask "how is that XYZ aspect coming along", you'll be updated as it happens.

Let's get you different START YOUR ENGINE