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At Digilari, we understand that every marketing initiative should deliver measurable results. That’s why we specialise in ROI marketing, where we focus on attributing profit and revenue growth directly to your marketing efforts. With Digilari’s Digital Results Guarantee, we stand behind our commitment to delivering real, measurable outcomes for your business.

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    The Benefits of ROI Marketing

    What We can Help You Grow

    With our ROI-driven approach, you can confidently allocate your marketing budget and resources, knowing that each dollar spent is justified by tangible results.

    Our team of experts will help you:

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    How We Help You Grow Your ROI

    Targeted Campaigns

    Data-Driven Insights

    Content Optimisation

    Channel Expansion

    A/B Testing

    We offer a tailored DRG program for clients on a monthly retainer of $4,000 to $10,000, focusing on achieving quarterly KPIs rather than budgeted hours. The guarantee is valid for three months.

    Overcoming Common ROI Challenges

    With Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

    At Digilari, we understand that growing marketing ROI can be a complex task, filled with various challenges. We’re here to help you overcome these obstacles and unlock the true potential of your marketing efforts.

    Comprehensive Measurement Approach

    We recognise that simplistic measurements don't capture the full picture. Our approach considers a wide range of factors, including establishing clear sales baselines, accounting for external influences, and adopting a holistic view of campaign success.

    Long-Term Focus

    While short-term metrics provide immediate insights, we emphasise aligning success metrics with long-term goals. Our strategies encompass campaigns aimed at brand awareness, customer relationships, and retention, ensuring we capture the full impact over time.

    Omnichannel Measurement

    In today's omnichannel landscape, we understand that measuring ROI requires unified insights from multiple touchpoints across online channels. Our comprehensive measurement framework provides cohesive and granular insights into the effectiveness of your marketing mix.

    Understanding Multiple Touch Points

    We recognise that consumers go through multiple touchpoints before making a purchase decision. Our approach considers the relationship between these touchpoints and their impact on marketing ROI, allowing us to provide a detailed analysis of the customer journey.

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