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Digital Marketing Job Placement Brisbane

Are you looking for a digital marketing job placement in Brisbane? The demand for talented individuals has grown over the last five years for digital agencies in Brisbane. Digilari Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Sumner, Brisbane, with an emphasis on inbound marketing. At Digilari, our high standards are held accountable by our core values. The team at Digilari is attentive to detail, loves the challenge and is always willing to learn more and more, even from YOU. The digital landscape is always evolving and we seek individuals who are not only qualified but who can also solve problems and think for themselves.

Current Job Opportunities

Business Development Representative (BDR)

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Sales Trainee

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Please email us at with your resume and a paragraph summarising how you would fit just well in our team.

Digital Marketing Jobs Requirements​

Digital Marketing jobs in and around Brisbane are tough and highly competitive. Meeting the following requirements can aid you throughout our selection process:

  • Having at least 2 years of industry experience working in a Digital Company or in the Marketing Department of a company,
  • Holding a tertiary degree in Marketing or other related majors and having a profound understanding of marketing, management, or consumer behaviour
  • Having some valid (up to date) Google Certifications
  • Having worked with Paid Ads before (Google Search, Shopping, Display and Video Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, etc.)
  • Holding a sound understanding of SEO (both On-page and Off-page)
  • Being able to meet deadlines
  • Working well as part of a team
  • Being able to own your mistakes and learn and grow from them

Benefits of Joining the Digilari Media Team

  • Join a welcoming team of people who share the same passions as yourself
  • Work four days a week – enjoy a break mid-week to get the creative flow going and achieve more of your four workdays
  • Work in an environment that challenges you to improve your skills
  • Be creative – at Digilari we embrace creativity with an open mind
  • Add value to businesses
  • Get out of the office – travel with our team to meet and talk with current and potential clients
  • Be rewarded for your contributions and efforts