Digilari Meets Bing Ads

The Digilari team headed into the Brisbane CBD last week to attend Bing’s first Ad Connect session in Australia. Some of the city’s top agencies met up to discuss the potential of Bing Ads (also known as Microsoft Ads). The evolution of voice search and more.

Advantages of Bing 

Bing was quick to admit they have a smaller audience than some of its competitors. But this niche market can be of great advantage to businesses. They hold 11.6 per cent of the PC search market and 192 million searches in our region are delivered through Bing each month.

Globally, Bing is reaching 37 markets that have completed 12.4 billion searches. With an older demographic, Bing gives small businesses the opportunity, to target this developing market with digital search ads. At a considerably less cost than other search engines.

Bing Ads VS Google Ads 

Bing Ads has taken advantage of the limitations of Google Ads. Allowing businesses to get similar results with less pressure. One of their main selling points was the ability to seamlessly import all your Google Ads campaigns into the Bing program.

Their smaller market share provides better opportunities to test ad copy. Seeing how it is received without spending the big bucks on Google Ads.


Bing has a considerably lower cost-per-click (CPC) average for their paid ads, in comparison to Google Ads. According to Wordstream, Bing Ads had around 33.5% cheaper CPC’s than other competitors in 2016. CPC can be defined as the price you pay every time your paid ad has been clicked on.

On a very basic level, the cost is decided by comparing your competitor’s ad rank to your quality score. As well as your maximum bid. If you are in a competitive industry, your CPC can be very high on Google Ads but may be significantly lower on Bing Ads.

The Digilari team have seen firsthand the savings that can be achieved when on Bing Ads. Especially in comparison to Google Ads.

Many forget their Google Ads campaigns will not be seen on alternative search engines, such as Bing. Limiting their market share.

Higher rankings 

While the Microsoft Ads tool may seem like an afterthought, it could give you far greater potential for reaching customers than the larger search engine ad options.

If your competitors are on Bing and you are not, you’re currently missing out on potential consumers. If your competitors are not on Bing, you have the opportunity to develop yourself as the primary seller for Bing users and get better ad positioning.

Which session was best? Google Partners VS Bing Ad Connect 

In a previous blog post, Digilari reflected on the Google Partners session that occurred at the start of this month.

Ironically, the two sessions complemented each other. Explaining the concepts that were not focused on by the competitor. Similarly, if you have the means, it is highly recommended you take advantage of the strengths that each can provide to your campaigns.

Where to go from here?

Digilari has in-house Bing accredited professionals ready to help you set up your Bing management account.

Contact us for more information or to request a consultation today.

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