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Find out how Digilari Media helped Powerhouse International build their website to showcase their amazing designs and projects by building Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness whilst enabling and streamlining their Sales processes.


SEO (Onpage & Offpage)




Before partnering with Digilari Media, Powerhouse International had been suffering from poor quality leads. The leads being generated were not enough and they were not meeting Powerhouse’s typical buyer persona.



Upon analysing the industry and competitors Powerhouse International was competing against, Digilari soon outlined a strategy that would assist Powerhouse International to increase their organic traffic.

The pay per click campaigns via Google Ads was introduced to Powerhouse mid way through 2017. This campaign played an important role in our initial strategy to
ensure customers’ enquiries were coming through over the months. However, the account was restructured to maximise quality traffic and conversions. Working closely with Powerhouse International, Digilari was able to identify the right target market and which channels would be most effective for reaching this market.

Digilari conducted extensive market research to establish the perfect buyer persona’s for Powerhouse International and keyword research was done to establish how this persona searches for services similar to Powerhouse International. Digilari optimised the main service pages for these search terms to improve their organic
ranking as well as to provide more relevancy and content to the user on site. This resulted in an increase in the number of leads being generated.



Improved Organic Traffic

From January to September 2018, when compared to the same period in 2017, organic traffic increased by 128% and has been more consistent.

Rocketed Organic Goal Completions

The numbers of conversions from organic traffic rocketed, with a 200% increase between January and April 2018

Improved Organic Goal Conversion Rate

From January to April 2018, the organic goal conversion rate has increased by 220%.

Increased PPC Conversion Rate

From January to September 2018, the traffic conversion rate median increased by a total of 174% when compared to the previous year. Therefore highlighting the improvement in targeting via paid campaigns.

Lead Quality

Increased lead quality has lead to more successful internal signed contracts & conversion rate from online enquiries. 

Impact Keyword Ranking for 2 Main Keywords

The increase in website organic listing in Google resulted in more traffic.

  • The ad position changed from 3rd to 1st for “international freight forwarders brisbane”, therefore creating 10 more clicks to the website per month, which represents a 60% increase.
  • The ad position changed from 9th to 2nd for “freight forwarders brisbane” therefore creating 7 more clicks to the website per month, which represents a 170% increase.
  • The ad position changed from 16th to 2nd for “international freight forwarders” therefore creating 14 more clicks to the website per month, which represents a 1500% increase.


Around 12 months ago Powerhouse International Qld Pty Ltd decided to engage the services of Digilari to try and boost our internet sales profile and volumes and profit. Their professionalism was evident from the outset when they presented us with a detailed plan of how we could achieve our desired targets. Over the following weeks and months we noticed a significant increase in the volume and quality of the sales enquiries. Through continual monitoring and adjusting by Digilari this growth has continued with last month culminating in our best month ever for sales. I cannot recommend the services of Jake Gaw and Cuong Nguyen highly enough and they have been an integral part in the transformation of our business.

Duncan Wood
Powerhouse International

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