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CASE STUDY • Electrical Contractor

Find out how Digilari Media helped Scholz Electrical build their website to showcase their amazing designs and projects by building Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness whilst enabling and streamlining their Sales processes.


SEO (Onpage & Offpage)




Before partnering with Digilari Media, Scholz Electrical has been investing in pay per click for years, thus resulting in the company’s increasing reliance on pay per click channels for enquiries. They also experienced fluctuations in the number of booked tasks: multiple periods a year they went through business peaks and troughs.

Additionally, they noticed a rise in the number of enquiries irrelevant to their business.



Upon learning Scholz Electrical’s overall digital maturity, we found out potential opportunities in improving organic traffic for long-term customer acquisition without relying on pay per click campaigns.

Pay per click campaigns via Google AdWords still played an important role in our initial strategy to ensure customers’ enquiries over the months. However, the account was restructured to maximise quality conversions and reduce cost per acquisition. Working closely with Scholz Electrical, Digilari was able to identify the right target market and which channels would be most effective for reaching this market. The client’s AdWords account was restructured to target only those suburbs in Brisbane that are cost effective for the Scholz team to complete general electrical jobs in. As performance improved, so did the client’s confidence in AdWords.



Improved Organic Rankings

Organic visits grew by 20% compared to the previous period.

Rocketed Organic Conversions

Numbers of conversions from organic traffic rocketed, with a 177% increase.

Decreased PPC Cost per Conversion

43% decrease in the average cost per conversion, resulting in an increase in return on investment (ROI) within a relatively short period (3 months) without having to incur additional cost on PPC traffic acquisition.

Lead Quality

Increased in lead quality and expanded the diversity of leads received from appliance repair jobs to domestic electrical services.


The strategies Digilari has implemented have improved my company’s customer engagement and resulted in a tangible improvement in sales. The team are professional and keep in regular communication with me; they have also taken the time to know and understand my business, which has been an important element in my company’s successful digital media performance.

Michael Scholz
Scholz Electrical Managing Director

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