2021 End-of-Year Marketing Tips

Digilari Media discusses end of year marketing tips and strategies

The end of 2021 is approaching. It’s time to take advantage of the shift in user intent and buyer behaviours towards the end-of-year events such as Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. To optimise your marketing strategy to match the market, it is important to implement end-of-year communications and campaigns whilst reviewing your goals and objectives in preparation for the coming year. Here are 4 end-of-year marketing tips to keep top of mind for the festive season.

1. End-of-Year campaigns

It might be obvious, especially for eCommerce, that one should implement specific campaigns to be launched at the end of the year, including promotion codes for return and recurrent customers. Such campaigns help capitalise on the spending advantage and the shift of purchasing behaviours at the end-of-year period.

On the other hand, home-service businesses and contractors, such as landscaping businesses, should focus on and target the “quiet times”, when consumers are returning to their normal activities between January and February. This approach would be more effective and beneficial for these service-type businesses that may close over Christmas.


2. Implementing End-of-Year Communications

Here are some key topics to consider when implementing effective end-of-year communications to ensure that your consumers are fully engaged and informed of changes or opportunities.

i. Cut-off and delivery dates:
  • Inform of restrictions and closures that may affect stocks and delivery times

Customers do not want their Christmas orders to arrive for the New Year.

ii. Closure times: 
  • Let your customers know when you will be closed and non-contactable
  • Let them know when they can expect a reply or answer and tailor your email marketing messages accordingly
iii. Sharing gratitude:
  • Share special promotional codes or freebies to loyal customers

3. Redefining Goals and Objectives

Look back at your Sales and Marketing Alignment and how your sales and marketing engines performed in the current year. 

Asking yourself these 5 questions:
  1. Were there enough activities happening to drive revenue?
  2. Was the pipeline size of the target market the right amount?
  3. Was the sales pipeline too long or too short?
  4. Were there enough qualified leads (lead scoring)?
  5. Did you know when customers were “warm” or “hot” to buy?

Look back at the data accumulated over the year and consider the above-mentioned questions. 

Then, assess whether the Sales team supported or worked with the marketing team on campaigns and whether the messaging was consistent and aligned throughout. Are leads being fed through from marketing to sales appropriately, how is the customer experience?

Listen for an example of an SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprise) Sales and Marketing Alignment (5:12mins)


4. Strategising Shutdown Period

Whilst it’s a shutdown period, it shouldn’t be a complete stop of activities. It is best to come back to your leads and use the downtime to give you a new solid foundation for the year ahead. While enjoying your holidays at the end of December, you will want to come back to work and be ready to go with a few leads in the pipeline. 

Also, here are our suggestions to make the best use of the shutdown period:
  • Review your website and newsletter content
  • Refresh your website where needed (Images/ Maintenance) 
  • Rethink the purpose of your products and services
  • Review your pricing strategy
  • Update your Customer Data
  • Re-organise your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Strategies

Nothing complicated ever comes easy,   especially at the end of the year.

We all know it’s time to relax and let loose at the end of the year, but, to fully unwind and enjoy ourselves, we have to be prepared for what the future holds before disconnecting from our work.

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