Top 3 Struggles and Challenges in the Digital Marketing Industry

challenges in digital marketing

In this ever-changing landscape of Digital Marketing, struggles and challenges are bound to exist. Acknowledging them and discussing them enables us to grow and learn from them.

1. Skill Shortages

In the last couple of years, with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. This made skill-shortage one of the biggest challenges and struggles that most industries face. With border restrictions and international travels coming to a halt. The shortage in skilled migration and attaining international skilled workers has arisen. 

Listen to our Podcast discussing struggles international students face due to COVID-19 (2:05 mins) 

Having diversity in the digital marketing realm is essential to producing relevant content and messaging to various audiences. Enabling digital marketing like Digilari to target more diverse audiences.

2. Increased Anonymity & Privacy Regulations 

E-commerce businesses are most affected by the recent iOS15 update, with increased anonymity and privacy regulations. Especially through newsletter privacy. 

For example, those businesses whose primary channels of communication are newsletters. Has now seen that Google Ads is their new revenue driver. With the update, newsletters are not being tracked as effectively as before. Additionally, revenue driven from them are not being attributed appropriately. 

Listen about how the iOS15 update affects your email usage (5:38 mins)

3. Constantly having to keep up with Web Trends

In the digital marketing industry, being updated with Digital Marketing news and current technology trends and updates is essential. If not, you might lose out and fall back from your competitors. 

Here are 2 major upcoming web trends: 

Audio Virtual Assistant

The increase in Audio Virtual Assistance usage has become more prominent in recent years. With the rise in Audio Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, comes opportunities in the digital marketing landscape. 

The Charm of Powerful Trouble: The Covid-19 Pandemic, Practicing Law Remotely, and Voice-Activated Assistants in the Home - Christian Small

These opportunities are examples of review and rating prompts from these devices. For example, Alexa has a notification to prompt you to make a review of a product you bought from Amazon. Therefore, social proof is being encouraged by these audio devices. 

Metaverse (Facebook)

The revelation of Metaverse has become a trending topic all over the web. 

With the rise in virtual meetings and online education through platforms like Zoom, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meta has released a teaser of how a “future meeting” could look like online with virtual reality (VR) devices. Making a virtual meeting as physical and “real” as it can be.

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Metaverse might potentially change the whole marketing industry given that people will be exposed to online content in a brand new environment, in the near future.

All in all, by acknowledging the struggles and challenges faced in this ever-changing industry of Digital Marketing. We can face up to them by growing and learning along the way, implementing strategic and professional tactics. Contact us today. 

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