Forget SEO, It’s Organic Search Optimisation

Search Engine Requirements

Over the course of the last five years, search engines have cracked down on the requirements that they review for search engine placement in Australia. While keyword density and links were once enough new forms of engagement and organic search elements are the way of the future. Referred to now as Organic Search Optimisation.

In the past, you wanted every page to rank as high as you can. Now, it is more important to answer the questions that your customers are searching more. With Google and Social Media playing an important role, you need to focus on having Organic Search Optimisation in place. That allows your customers to find not only the answer that they need, but something that goes into greater depth.

Organic Search Experience

The entire page as a whole makes up the organic search experience. It’s not enough to have a page with text that touches on a topic, has a few keywords, and then trying to tie them all together into something coherent. The engagement on the page needs to go beyond that.

Today, search engines in Australia put very little weight on the relevancy of keyword terms and what is covered. They also look at the overall experience the user has while on the page. In terms of loading time, quality, and the design of the website. If the topic that is being covered is just skimming over the top of things or provides some in-depth detail that is of value. If it has all of this, it is likely going to do better than a junk page written in a few minutes that skims over a few uninspired ideas.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

A key element of Organic Search Optimisation is called conversion rate optimisation and is, therefore, something important to consider. The days where someone tells you they can do “SEO” is no longer important. You want someone who understands how to convert and influence people instead. In order for your CRO to be effective, you need to have a few key areas of your website reviewed.

  • Your site navigation should be simple and without too much going on.
  • A strong sales funnel in place that ensures individuals are making it to the main sales page
  • Traffic scores are important, so ensure that traffic is being driven to the website.
  • Load times should be fast, free of glitches, and there should be a space free of on-page errors
  • All information on the website should be uniform, this includes pricing and any promotions you are running
  • The layout should inspire people to check out and to finalise a purchase
  • CMS Configuration should be done so that there are no issues

Creating a page that delivers results

As you improve on this and your solid CRO elements are in place. You have a powerful tool that will do more for you than many of the costly programs you can invest in online. Since everything essentially takes place on your website as the result of creating a page that delivers results. You end up with a website that works for you in addition to social media and Google also.

Once you have a fully optimised space, you need a well optimised digital footprint in place. This is essential for the experience your users have online. There are some very important elements that come into place for this. They include:

  • Effectively communicate your unique value proposition or statement that allows customers to know what you do. This isn’t a time to get technical on people, rather generate something clear, concise, and easily conveyed to generate sales.
  • A call to action (CTA) is essential for this, and it must be one that works with the social proof you are offering. Proven figures, studies, and other elements will help consumers to become engaged and interested in the product. If there are studies to show supplement XY works more effectively than Z, and they are from a reputable website use them as part of your engagement efforts. This will boost your organic search results.
  • Don’t just allow content to go to stale. Your entire website should be a living, breathing resource. When new information comes out add it to the content. Make sure you engage people with social media plugins that allow them to comment, share, and open discussions. This will give Google the impression your website is incredibly valuable and deserves front-page placement.

Make sure you don’t just let things slide because you don’t feel they have value.

 A website that is properly optimised and designed will ensure that it generates a significant income. Just because Search Engine Optimisation in Australia has become more black-hat these days, doesn’t mean all aspects are bad. There are new organic optimisation measures that are white-hat and deliver incredible results. When you consider that 57% of business to business marketers are finding real results with these methods. As compared to the 22% of companies in the past that we’re satisfied with their marketing efforts in the past. You see this is definitely an improvement. In fact, modern approaches are even more cost-effective with advertising dollars as a study from Econsultancy.  It showed that for every $92 spent trying to acquire a customer, $1 is spent actually converting them right now. With more people searching for conversion rate optimisation now than ever before. This is the perfect time for you to be an active part of the growth of CRO.

After all, you don’t want to be like the companies who went into the first round of Google Hummingbird only to find that their websites had to be completely changed to follow trends that were already starting. Instead, become a leader, focus on better ways to enhance your organic optimisation. And allow your website to do its job and ensure you have a place online where you are viewed as a leader and an innovator, rather than a follower of trends


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Sean Brown