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How Google Ads Works For Home Service Businesses

The landing page is designed based on the insights from SERP and optimised around the information relevant queries are looking for

Are you a home service business constantly looking for more leads?

Are you tired of being in that never ending story of busy one week, then quiet the next?

It doesn’t have to be this way when you have Google Ads campaigns that are set-up and executed specifically for home services, then managed for continual improvement.

This will then leave you to get on and do what you do best in servicing your customers.

However it is true that around 75% of all Google advertising and Facebook marketing spend is wasted due to poor account set-up and management, that’s why you need specialists in the the trade of Google Ads Management, to handle it for you.

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So let’s go back to be able to go forward.

Going back to why you wanted to start a home services business you’ll find that it ticks a lot of the boxes in that it matched your skill set, it matched your desire to have freedom, to work as you please and of course you felt that it was going to have the financial rewards you get out of running your own business.

In reality however, running a home services business is a very challenging business operation.

But whether your operation is just going to be a one or two man show or you are planning to dominate your market, it’s all up to you.

Either way you are still going to need to consider the most powerful marketing platform in the world today, that being a managed Google Ads campaign.

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Different Google Ads campaigns for different home services

“Find a tradie now!” – Ads campaigns for urgent needs

If you are a plumber, an electrician, a roofer after a storm, nine times out of ten you’re gonna be called upon during some emergency issue, needed as quickly as possible at the house or business of a customer.

In an emergency or urgent situation the customer isn’t going to do a lot of research on who is the ‘perfect’ home services operator for them, they are just in a hurry to get their issue fixed.

As such if you look reputable, you’re easy to contact and you are addressing their issue, you’ll be a strong option.

But they have to find you first.

It is at this specific time that you need to have high visibility and be able to answer the call from this customer who has an immediate, normally very urgent need.

You are going to have to be at least in the top 5 Google ranked positions, paid or organic, to make any impact at this time.

You can be rest assured that a customer in a hurry is not going further down the page than the top 5 search results, so if you can’t get there without Google Ads, get there with Google Ads! Google Ads works by displaying your results on top of Google’s search results page.

Just to drive this point home, the number 1 organic ranked position on Google gets just over 30% of all clicks, see blow, but a successful Google Ads campaign will have your ads placed above this.

Google organic click through rates 2018 April


For this type of service your campaigns would have focus on speed of response, your experience in dealing with emergencies, your ability to get the job done and help your customer out when they need it most.

You’ll also want your ads written in a way that matches the urgency of the situation.

Using words in your Ads headlines like ‘Emergency’ ‘Urgent’ ‘Fast Repairs’ ‘24 Hour Service’ ‘Reliable’ ‘Breakdown Specialists’ ‘Storm Damage Repairs’ etc. are likely to attract the customers eye, given the situation they are in.

Added to this, whilst there is the urgent home service requirement based on a true home emergency i.e. plumbing, electrical, roof damage etc. there is also a human nature factor to take into consideration here, in that a lot of us tend to leave things that are needed to be done, to the last minute.

For example, when your leaving your rental property and you know you are going to require carpet cleaning to meet your exit obligations to the landlord.

The customer has known for weeks they are moving out, but only start planning things like carpet cleaning, pest control, bond cleaning and alike at the last minute.

This is where Google Ads has enormous targeting ability that will enable you, the carpet cleaning business for example, to target areas that are high rental areas, with Google Adword headlines like ‘Last Minute Carpet Cleaning Specialists’ ‘Rental Home Carpet Cleaning Experts’ ‘Carpet Cleaning That Gets Your Bond Back’ etc., all designed to meet the urgent need of the customer at the time and all driven by high search volume keywords.

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“I need a tradie, but it’s not that urgent.” – Ads campaigns for customers who conduct careful investigation and consideration

Google Ads for non-urgent services give you a lot more to options on how your ads are structured, how you target them, when you show them etc. but it certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Now you are dealing with the buying stages of the customer.

You see, whilst it has moved from being an urgent service to now a planned requirement you therefore need to cover more ground and more than likely, deal with more competition.

Putting it simply your campaign now has to target all phases of the buying journey of the potential customer.

This includes using Google Ads to make customers aware of you, using them to make you appeal to the customer, using your Google Advertising to be there to answer the customers questions and lastly having your Google Ads front and centre when the customers are ready to act.

One of the great benefits of using Google Ads is the speed in which you can respond to specific market factors.

Whether it’s using the seasonality of your industry, adapting to trending topics and how your service can play an active part, or simply responding to competitor activity, your Google Ads campaign can be adjusted near on instantly.

It is a lot to take in we know, but that’s the great thing about using Google Ads for Home Services campaigns, it has so much flexibility and can be adapted to all stages of the customers decision process.

How Google Ads works for lawn mowing service and cleaning services

Not urgent, not planned but now looking for a regular home service.

Using Google Ads to be visible for when customers are looking for professional home services practitioners such as a cleaner, a lawn mowing service is always a smart move.

This is where you can keep your leads coming in to build up your regular client base and when you have enough business to handle you can simply reduce your Google Ads spend, until such time you get a read that you need to ramp up the spend again for more leads.

Essentially you are only in the Google Advertising market for as long as you need to be, spending marketing budget only when you have to.

When targeting for new clients for these home services you need to look at using headlines that indicate how reliable you are, how you have an eye for detail, pushing your local status and reminding people how affordable and competitive you are.

All these are important when you are trying to get customers to engage your Home Service over an extended period of time.

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So let’s break it down on how Google Ads can help you to achieve more customers

Simply because you can basically control where you are ranking with the desired keywords you have chosen and because you can no longer just rely on Google organic search to ensure you’re showing up in the rankings when and where you need to be. There is far too much fluctuation in Google search results to bet your business on appearing high in the organic rankings.

Remembering when customers have a definitive need for a product or service they are not going to Facebook to find it, they are going to the number one advertising platform in the world which is Google search.

Google Ads is one of the most direct selling tools available and can, under the right set up and management, be one of the most powerful tools in everyday marketing, far superior to that of social media platforms or any other traditional marketing channels.

The pure flexibility in how much you spend, when you spend and how often you spend is all up to you, you are not locked into any set required spend amount with Google Ads.

It has outstanding targeting ability, both geographical and keyword related. Vitally important for businesses to cut down on wasted advertising spend by not attracting business from areas they don’t service or by having negative keywords, those keywords that do not target your specific services, taken out of the equation.

We digital marketers aren’t great with hammers, drills, screwdrivers etc. but we are not the ones who should be using them, you are and the same goes for Google Ads, by having our specialists manage this for you we can guarantee it is going to work. Just the same way you can make magic with the tools of your trade, we do the same.

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Thanks for reading and we hope it has given you something to consider.

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