Let’s Talk About Pizza with Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Agency Digilari explains why creating Digital Marketing Strategy is like making a pizza


Digital Marketing processes are instinctive, like everything we do in our day-to-day lives. Let’s talk about how to make a pizza from scratch, associating the whole process with Digital Marketing, and why each component is essential to create a perfect pizza. 

1. Gathering the right ingredients 

Sales and Marketing alignment

Picking the pizza base (red/white) is crucial early in the pizza-making process. The ingredients to use will be decided following the type of base you pick, so choosing the right one from the get-go is best.

For example, let’s suppose you know you’ll need an eCommerce integration, a web portal, or any 3rd party integration (toppings). In that case, you’ll need to pick the right base type of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (passata or cream, choosing WordPress theme, CRM, etc.).


Sales & Marketing as Fully Integrated Functions

Planning and gathering the right ingredients is essential to know which tools you will be implementing in your strategies and campaigns as they might not befitting. When gathering the Digital Marketing ingredients, Sales and Marketing alignment needs to be on top of mind. 


2. Ingredients

SEO, PPC, CRO, SMM, Inbound Marketing, etc.

Your ingredients are what make the pizza a pizza; the same goes for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Social Media Marketing (SMM)Inbound Marketing strategyand more. They are the heart and soul of your digital marketing strategy. 

Make sure you have the right ingredients for what you are trying to achieve, but not too much of either that you might ruin the pizza. Using channels in your digital marketing that clashes with what you are trying to achieve might be detrimental to your digital marketing strategy. 


3. Pizza dough

Hiccups and challenges

Let’s now make the pizza dough. Yes, we start from scratch because we are fancy like that. Building a solid foundation and developing a plan that will hold as many toppings as needed is the basis of everything. Therefore, planning for the right platforms/ingredients with the proper measurements is crucial in forming a solid foundation. This means implementing strategic tactics and methods for your business to ensure that you have a solid foundation to build your marketing strategy from.

“If ‘Plan A’ did not work,
the alphabet has 25 more letters,
keep moving forward.”

Whenever you are making the pizza dough, you have to wait for the dough to rise and sometimes, it can go both ways. Sometimes the dough rises more or less than expected when left alone. We can’t control that, the same way you can’t control the outcome of your digital marketing strategy. If there is to be any hiccups or challenges, you need to plan ahead and have plans B, C or even D at hand. 

For example, if certain channels are not working (i.e. PPC or SMM), you need to respond accordingly in a timely manner.


4. Toppings

Having the Right Balance

We have arrived at the fun part, putting your favourite toppings on the dough. It’s time to be creative! Keep in mind, putting too much of your favourite ingredients on the pizza might ruin the taste of your dish. Each topping must be implemented in the right amount to make a delicious pizza for a balanced and perfect outcome. As the saying goes, too much good stuff is wrong. Therefore, having just the right amount of every component is essential. 

“Some days you eat salad and go to the gym,
some days you eat pizza and be grim,
it’s called Balance.”

The same goes for digital marketing. Is there a good balance of every component within the strategy and campaigns? Are there some that need to be tweaked? It is imperative to implement the right message, to the right audience, through the right mediums, at the right time to ensure an effective digital marketing campaign.

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5. Baking

Learning curve

After assembling your pizza, it is time to bake it by putting it in the oven. Here, all your hard work might go incredibly wrong or work out perfectly well. Sometimes your pizza might be burnt, if the temperature is set too high or if it was left unattended for too long. But that’s life; you’ll have to learn from it and adjust. Lower the temperature next time, and remember to set a timer! The same goes for Digital Marketing; it is always a learning curve.

From a digital marketing standpoint, whilst campaigns are running, it is important to continuously analyse and evaluate the data gathered. Things have to be adjusted accordingly (i.e. turning or rotating your pizza in the oven for a better outcome). This is what we do here at Digilari Media, we continuously and constantly learn the best way to implement and maximise your digital marketing strategy.

All in all, it is primordial to enjoy the process of learning and making your perfect and ideal pizza. So that you would make more in the future.

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