The ABC’s of Sports Marketing and Sales Enablement

Digilari reveals the ABC’s of Sports Marketing and Sales Enablement

Sports marketing and sales enablement – combined, sounds like an abstract term. So let’s put things into perspective by examining some numbers.

Global sports sponsorship spending exceeded 45 billion US dollars by the end of 2019. The growth is going to continue at an annual rate of six per cent, making overall sponsorship figures reach nearly 62 billion dollars by 2024. That’s a huge market and one you’d like to get your share of, wouldn’t you?

As a Rights Holder, having the right marketing vehicle i.e. The way you position your team, club and athletes or association are paramount. When it comes to attracting sponsor partners and share of the lucrative sports marketing pie.

This is where combining sports marketing and sales enablement comes into play. Once you have an effective sales enabled sports marketing program, you’ll be better positioned to connect with potential sponsor partners. And make the type of informed proposition they actually want to receive.

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Sean Brown